The basics for digitalising your production

The communication between man and machine changes the way of thinking about how products will be produced in the future. The MES-based digitalisation of your production in the sense of Industry 4.0 enables a second-by-second review of the production processes.

Lay the foundations for a successful and digital future

Smart Factory - With the link between man and machine in the foreground

The topic of the Smart Factory is already occupying numerous manufacturing companies that want to see digitalisation not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity  to compete with the global competition. In order to benefit from the advantages of the developments, suitable software solutions are needed that are not only characterised by innovation, but can also be implemented in a practical way by combining man and machine. This combination is a decisive factor in the Smart Factory, which enables the continuity and reliability of information and its transfer through solutions on the shop floor. As a competent partner, we offer you the right tools with the MES system PROefficient to produce optimally in the long term.


Your factory of tomorrow: Take advantage of the opportunities Industry 4.0 in practice.

The so-called fourth industrial revolution is a new stage in the development of industrial production. It includes the idea that all information in the value chain is available and up-to-date at any time, anywhere. In order to withstand the competitive pressure of these advanced developments, the PROefficient MES system quickly covers a crucial component of Industry 4.0, creates transparency in manufacturing and achieves optimisations. Operational and machine data are networked with intelligent software and hardware and provide relevant information, evaluations and key figures in real time. Making a production according to Industry 4.0 advanced requires numerous further considerations, which can be realised in a subsequent step with MES modules. Our stated goal is to integrate the information into more and more areas of the value chain, which is why we work on the further development of highly innovative solutions together with our customers on a daily basis.

A production in which humans and machines communicate with each other and are intelligently networked.

Automate manual processes through the use of intelligent communication technologies - to improve your products.

Efficient production with ~PROefficient~ - production data acquisition / visualisation
(automatic/manual recording and evaluation of plant/workplace data)

Digitalisation of your documents with ~PROpicture~ - Paperless Manufacturing
(one of the most important building blocks of your Industry 4.0 projects)

Flexible and transparent production with ~PROvis~ - Andon Board Monitoring
(at  shop floor level, information is digitally networked and displayed in real time)

Sustainable maintenance through ~PROmaintenance~ - Predictive Maintenance
(Preventive maintenance, maintenance and tool management)


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