View real-time data of your machines from anywhere and act promptly

~PROmobile~ - mobile work is becoming increasingly important.

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 Smart, smarter, PROmobile

Get an insight into the proudction process at any time via "mobile devices" such as tablets or smartphones.

Informed at any time

With the PROmobile APP, you can get an insight into current production anytime, anywhere – simply via your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. The basis for the PROmobile expansion module is the PROefficient MES system. From here, the real-time data for mobile monitoring is obtained.



With PROmobile, always up-to-date production information and real-time data such as machine status, duration, order, item, quantity produced, stoppages already incurred, booked scrap, target and actual cycle comparison, etc. retrieved online.

Evaluate production information live. Various reports and graphics are available for this purpose.

 Your benefits at a glance.

 Timely recognition and action

 Inform maintenance personnel immediately

 Clear presentation of your machines

 Integration in MES software

 Increased efficiency

 Increase performance.

Actively optimise current processes and the recent past with the production staff.

 Informative presentation

Whether machine status, interruption graphic (e.g. for the last 3 hours) or a graphical cycle history, the contents are displayed responsively and thus adapt in portrait and landscape mode.


Quickly detect and act on production interruptions.

 Mobile interruption graphic

 Mobile interruption graphic

Display interrupt graphics in a compact responsive design and avoid missing unexpected production stops.

 Interruptions at a glance

 Interruptions at a glance

Have interruption reasons displayed according to their actual lifetime. Focus on vulnerability analysis with a view to the essentials.

Only see the data that you want to see

Only see the data that you want to see

In the machine view settings, irrelevant data can be easily hidden and focus placed on the values you need for your analysis.

 Mobile cycle graphic

 Mobile cycle graphic

Thanks to the mobile cycle  graphics, you can track your live production from anywhere. By displaying the exact cycles, you can see whether the actual cycle is adhered to or whether a change has to be made.

 PROmobile for Android

 PROmobile for iOS


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