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Get an insight into the current and past production process through our MES-System. Key figures provide you with the tools to present and optimize your processes in a transparent way.

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Production data collection and Production visualisation with MES | MDC | ADC
KPIs | OEE and much more with PROefficient


Linking your production processes.

The MES-System is the basic prerequisite for entering Industry 4.0. Production data is collected and can be made accessible for each system of the smart factory.


LIVE production data with PROview


Live View in your interactive graphical works and shopfloor plan

With our MES solution, you can monitor all the machines in each plant in real time and if necessary, intervene directly.

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Realtime visualisation of your production data

Because of the visualisation of your production process you can view the status of your machines live and at any time.

Well informed and kept up to date
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Well informed and kept up to date

Improve your efficiency and eliminate weak points in your production

Reports, key figures, analysis with PROwork


Anytime up-to-date and accurate recording and evaluation of your machine data.

You have all your production data on live view at anytime and anywhere. You can evaluate it according to your requirements.

Everything under control.

Everything under control.

With PROwork you have the possibility to evaluate the collected data within your chosen key figures.


More than 40 evaluation options within the basic program.

Due to years of experience in the field of data collection, we have improved our know-how in close co-operation with our customers, independently of any particular branche.

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always know what happens - create transparency of your processes.

By collecting the data of your machines, you have the opportunity to represent the entire production process. Information is available at anytime and anywhere. For example you can respond to production losses immediately.


Evaluation of any key figures (KPI)

With the MES solution of BDE Engineering, you have the opportunity to evaluate your collected production data within all chosen key figures. These include: OEE / cycle times / MTTR / MTBF / Lean / Degree of Utilisation

Personalised software solutions
This way to your personalised solution

Personalised software solutions

On request, we develop customised program extensions with you. Your requirements and your knowledge are converted into user-friendly solutions, according to our company motto ("Kompliziert kann jeder, einfach das ist die Kunst") "Complicated isn't an art, simplicity is"

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