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Your machines terminal for the easy and reliable Online or Autonomous data entry

Since the partial takeover of ADC / MDC activities in 2017 of KIENZLE Automotive, we are the only manufacturer and seller of the robust and compact UT machine terminals. In addition, you will receive competent advice, repairs by a specialist, as well as accessories (e.g. scanners).



The MDE terminal UT20 was developed primarily for machine data acquisition in harsh and simple environmental conditions. In order to be able to display important information easily available, a display with lighting was chosen. This guarantees a long service life with constant brightness. The same applies, of course, to the two maintenance-free signal lights. Communication takes place via an Ethernet or RS485 connection.

UT 20/D

The UT 20/D has the same functions as the UT20/E. It differs only in that it also works autonomously - without an online connection, since the production-relevant data is output via receipt. The printer is integrated into the housing.


UT 10

The MDE terminal UT10 can be used for machine data acquisition. The display can be used to make the various information visible as required. The UT-10 can also save data in an offline state (no data loss).

Repair receipt

repair service

We offer a repair and maintenance service for these reliable terminals. Our technicians are specialists in this particular segment and will always guarantee reliable, cost-effective and speedy repairs to your equipment. Just send your devices to:

BDE Engineering GmbH
Industriestraße 10
37688 Beverungen


Online connection of the UT terminals to the MES system of BDE Engineering

Connect your UT machine terminals to our PROefficient MES system to view real-time data from your production and analyse the collected data in over 40 evaluations.


UT accessories

Get the following accessories for your UT machine terminals.

External keyboard for UT20
External keyboard for UT20

External keypad for remote interrupt input

Diverse Barcode Scanner
Diverse Barcode Scanner

E.g. CCD handheld scanner Gryphon black with excellent reading function. For scanning barcodes with for e.g. working gloves from a distance.

AC-508 Scancable
AC-508 Scancable

AC-508 Special cable for connection to a UT20 terminal

CCD-Scanner-Holder darkgrey metal
CCD-Scanner-Holder darkgrey metal

The robust and reliable scanner holder for optimal attachment of your scanners


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