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The challenge for every company - Informed employees are motivated employees. Unbelievable, how easy communication can be designed

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Your key for real time production dates – in a dashboard
with PROvis ANDON Board Monitoring

Using ANDON boards, machine data with individual machine status, cycle monitoring, KPIs, order information, downtimes can be displayed easily and clearly. This is done in tabular form, via traffic lights or speedometers. Web-enabled content can be integrated into a variety of variants, e.g. . xml, .pdf, images, web pages, streamed .ppts / webcams or video.

Inform and motivate employees time controlled

Desired content can be displayed at specific times in a defined length. The screen sequence and the display time of a layout can be scheduled individually.

Communication on shopfloor level

Navigate and inform interactively through the layouts you have created. Avoid many inquiries through an active and orderly information management.

Replace White Board /Black Board with Modern Visualisation displays

Moving images make for a more conscious and active reception of information.

your benefits in summary

Inform and motivate employees

Speed up processes and save time

Quick information transfer

Transfer content in 2 steps

You can create, arrange your screen with numerous widgets, and then transfer it to ANDON boards in waiting and receiving areas, presentation rooms, hall entrance areas, production, break rooms and canteens, warehouses, or outdoor displays.


1. Create online content

The content can be easily created online. With the components you can define which content should be displayed at which position.

2. Transfer content directly to the production

A live broadcast of your content takes place immediately after editing with the save process. For example, if you update an EXCEL document, PROvis will also apply the update directly.

Industry 4.0

Visualisation as an important component of your Industry 4.0 strategy

All information in the value chain should be available and up-to-date at any time and anywhere. PROvis ensures a rapid dissemination of information and thus supports in real time at the shopfloor level.


Numerous features

Worldwide transmission

All over the world operating and machine data, as well as numerous other information are transmitted live to the locations and visualised.


Integration of any file format

Various file formats can be integrated with this intelligent tool and visualised to large monitors with a few simple mouse clicks.

Interact with navigation buttons

Navigation buttons allow you to navigate through the most diverse levels interactively via touch. This allows information to be tapped quickly and purposefully by, for example, a worker.

  • PROvis Bild Nr.1
    PROvis Display Nr.1

    Summary of efficiency in the production

    Provide a summary of current production with live data, such as Utilisation, occupancy, OEE and machine conditions.

  • PROvis Bild Nr.2
    PROvis Display Nr.2

    Summary of machines with live data

    Include news tickers, safety regulations or upcoming meetings. Additionally, display current data of the production hall in the form of tachometers.


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