Customised solutions via modular extensions of the MES system

With the expansion modules, you can supplement your MES system with additional elements to increase the efficiency of your production.

Arrange a date for a presentation

ANDON-Board, Monitoring with PROvis

Replace the blackboard/whiteboard with moving, up-to-date information. Communicate in the most modern way. Reach your target group through clever information visualisation.


Monitoring on ANDON boards - live visualisation of data

In waiting and reception areas or workshops PROvis can visualise news, documents, image content, videos or machine lists. Employees are informed and motivated by moving messages in real time.

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Digital and innovative employee information system

PROvis can be operated on a timed basis (views swop after a set time limit elapses) or interactively on the shop floor via onscreen navigation buttons.

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Simply design views (layouts) yourself according to your requirements

Any type of content can be created in the PROvis-Designer.


Transfer real-time machine data from PROefficient to large monitors with automatic update

Display data from the MES system: Live data, evaluations, key figures, degree of utilisation, actual cycle and target cycle.

Get the latest news about newsticker, pictures, videos, slideshows, presentations, dynamic tables, share documents.

Digitise your production and reduce use of paper in the sense of industry 4.0.

Order planning with PROplan

PROplan is a system for controlling and planning production orders. In times of ever faster and more flexible production structures coupled with high quality and deadlines, planning systems are becoming increasingly important.


Graphical order planning

With its diverse and clear graphical presentation options, PROplan can be applied quickly and without much training by the user. The multi-lingual user guidance enables the use in multi-country company structures.

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Direct sending the order for LIVE production.

The production planner / scheduler is reaching the limits in many places due to order volume and complexity and needs technical support. For this purpose, PROplan offers a planning tool, which is linked with the production process and all process-related disruptions and production progress.

Automatic and Manual planning with a clear graphic display

Low configuration expenditure and use existing order data 

 Interactive and dynamic planning process with limited capacity planning.

 Digitise your production and minimize the use of paper

Energy management with PROenergy

Make your company's energy balance (ISO50001) and potential savings visible on the way to Green IT.


Visualising potential savings

With PROenergy you can record your energy consumption parallel to the production process. Energy consumption data shows up weaknesses and potential savings in unprecedented sizes. In addition, we determine the data pool for energy management systems based on ISO50001 certifications.

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Green IT - Reduce your energy consumption

Take a step towards Green IT: Energy consumption data can be graphically processed, printed or exported to other programs for further processing. In addition, energy consumption can be monitored online and at the terminal at any time.

Energy data recorded simultaneously during the production process and identifying vulnerabilities and potential savings of unexpected magnitude.

Reliable and continuously captured data which provides the basis for both energy optimisation and energy savings.

The energy consumption provides saving potentials, which are usually not recognised/detected.

Energy measurement on the basis of energy management systems (ISO50001)

Preventive maintenance / servicing with PROmaintenance

Preventive maintenance through the Live visualisation of the defined intervals. Time-based maintenance, performance-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance with task visualisation.


Preventive and Live - Maintenance and Service

Maintenance tasks can be compared any time with the live production data. The maintenance intervals are visualised online via either the PROview or the ANDON-Board PROvis. The maintenance tasks can also be integrated into the PROplan graphical planning board.

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Create transparency about required maintenance work

Tools can be monitored and maintained just like machines, system components or other equipment. With an overview, PROmaintenance provides clarity about maintenance and repairs for defined maintenance objects. The activities, alarm levels, strategy and maintenance objects are recorded for each type of activity.

Configuration / Planning of maintenance work

Combining maintenance and repair work in a single maintenance order 

Edit maintenance tasks that have already been generated or create new unplanned maintenance tasks manually.

Visualisation of services, location and status (availability) of maintenance objects

Paperless production with PROpicture

A strong move towards Industry 4.0. and Smart Factory is the minimization of paper in manufacturing. With PROpicture, you can use the PROtouch terminal directly at your units to display images and documents related to orders and articles or to make them visible to the employee.


Display customer- and product-related information.

PROpicture makes it possible to graphically display all information relevant to production directly at the machine. This includes, for example, machine settings, drawings (with zoom function), quality guidelines, packaging regulations or pictures of the articles to be produced.

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Display information automatically on your systems

You can define product information as "Master" with the property that it is automatically displayed when you log in to an order or article at the terminal. These must be confirmed by the operator in order to close the notification.

Display information related to customers and products directly in production

Automatically show changes to drawings or customer requirements when logging in

Significantly reduce the administrative and paper costs for production

Up-to-date information is always visible during production

Quality planning/control and testing with PROquality

Quality assurance (QA) - is the set of all activities of quality management, quality planning, quality control and quality inspection.

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Achieve your quality goals

Quality assurance is to be considered as an integrated process in the value chain. Quality management (QM) includes all the activities, including the definition of the respective responsibilities, that contribute to the achievement of an organisation's quality objectives.


Manage QA parameters and inspect characteristics 

Execute QA inspections

Obtain QA analyses and results

Live visualization of QA information 

Notifications of status send by SMS and E-Mail using PROnotify

With PROnotify, you can have the relevant status messages via SMS and e-mail and stay up to date anytime and anywhere. Time-controlled reports or graphics can be sent to all responsible employees.


Automatic notification of the status of your systems.

Our notification system tracks the connected machines. When a machine switches to an interruption, and a notification is activated related to that interruption, the PROnotify system automatically sends a message with a predefined text to the specified email addresses.

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Automatically dispatch the reports.

You generate various reports, which are sent automatically to the persons defined by you at the time. All standard reports defined in PROefficient can be used according to filter criteria, such as the OEE report. The reports will be sent by e-mail.

Time limitation of notifications

Automatic reporting of defined data

Individual structure of notifications

Notification log of sent mails

Get the data on your mobile devices with PROmobile.

View real-time data of your machines from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet and act immediately.

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Improved performance of your processes

With the PROmobile APP, the actual production can be viewed anytime and anywhere - simply via smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. The PROmobile expansion module is based on the MES system PROefficient . Real-time data for mobile monitoring is retrieved from here.


Notification log of sent mails

Available for Android and iOS operating systems

Transfer real-time machine data to mobile devices with automatic updates

The administration, rights and assignment of the machines for the users is controlled centrally by PROadmin via the PROefficient System.

Direct label printing with PROprint in the production process.

Using the PROtouch terminals or a direct Ethernet / WLAN connection, labels can be printed directly by the machine during production. It is also possible to control identification printing systems.


Print custom label layouts quickly and easily.

The employees can print the required labels themselves and have the option of reprinting the labels that are not readable/clear at any time.

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Inclusive professional layout tool

We create a professional basic layout using List & Label. You can make individual changes by yourself.

Logistical stocking of labels and the associated problems, such as machine downtime due to missing labels or costly reprinting of faulty labels, are eliminated.

No time-consuming reprinting of faulty labels

Direct integration of 2D or QR codes and possibility of several other codes

Machine interruptions, due to lack of labels, can be reduced 

Data collection directly from the machine via control communication using PROsps

The machine data can also be accessed via digital channels such as OPC UA/DA, MQTT or other types of communication.

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Get the machine information directly from the controller

The assignment of the data takes place directly in the PROefficient system and can be managed by the customer himself. Thus the data is available live and enables a detailed machine protocol.


Automatic processing of quantity, time, process information, consumption values and much more.

Manipulation-proof plant data

Live information directly from the SPS

Can be extended by the customer at any time

The most modern way of analysing information by using PROcockpit

Create your own monitoring. With just a few clicks, you can combine all kinds of information onto a dashboard. Evaluate and display cross-plant analyses and key figures in just a few steps.

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Individual Management Dashboard

PROcockpit is a dashboard which presents decisions in your company with the most relevant key figures at a glance.


Professional Monitoring key figures

PROcockpit is the ideal visualisation of your KPI´s and analysis it. All production data can be displayed clearly and in a modern design.

Graphics have a multiple structure

Connections / causality / jump to functions are provided

Integration of words, numbers and images 

Repetitive signal colors for a better overview

Intelligent support for the workers with PROhelp

Information such as lack of material, lack of pallets, "Pallets full - must be moved", "Request for support" etc. can be reported and displayed online to each employee. Information messages are visualised for example to the material availability, the fleet management or to all production managers.

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Information and presentation

Workers can report relevant information to the respective departments at an early stage. The messages are displayed directly in PROview using colored and flashing highlights.



Several reports are possible

Acknowledgement of reports directly at the terminal

Colour flashing display on the machine

Messages can be posted as barcodes

Automatised pallet labelling and loading ramp control with PROident

Optimise your logistics processes through with an interactive status tracking of all products in an individual dashboard. For intralogistics, pallets must be clearly marked to guarantee an efficient downstream processes.


SSCC Generation

PROident controls lines or packing lines and enables communication between the two. We import your pallet data incl. pallet marking with order, batch and the produced item, through interfaces into our system and generate an SSCC label with the supplied data on the basis of it.


Transparent and proactive process control

The labelling of the pallets with an SSCC label is done manually or via an automated packing line, for e.g. by the control of printing systems. Pallets can be sent to a wide variety of locations and guarantee a transparent and proactive process control. Reporting enables you to see at any time where pallets are and when they were last touched.


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