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Manufacturing companies in all industries and sizes are enabled by real-time digitisation of production to efficiently design manufacturing processes and uncover potential for improvement.

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Our innovative software and hardware for production enables manufacturing companies in all industries and sizes to optimise the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Across the entire value chain, data from the machines is delivered to the PROefficient MES system and processed, visualised and evaluated in real time.

Digitisation of your production into a smart factory

Smart factory with machine data acquisition

  • Capture, process and visualise machine data in real time

  • Recording of cycle times, interruption reasons, target / actual comparison.

  • Act promptly and

    proactively through up-to-date

    data at all times

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MES as key to

  • Digitise entire manufacturing and eliminate vulnerabilities promptly

  •  Transparent processes

    by digital real time insights

    into the production

  • Increased efficiency by optimising downtimes or set-up times and much more

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Industry 4.0 with the help of

  • MES as a pioneer for Industry 4.0 - smart solutions for your production

  • Collect and control data for online-based real-time display of your production facilities

  • Maintaining networked manufacturing with the necessary key figures to be globally competitive

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MES-System PROefficient

MES software - visualise and evaluate real-time data

Data from production is visualised live and displayed in the machine status (MDC) and the area status (ADC). The most important information is compiled at a glance through customer-specific graphical factory and hall plans which can then be evaluated individually.

MES-System PROefficient
MES-System PROefficient - Cardbild

MES - How will my company be successful in the digital world?

The management and the departments involved in the production process, such as controlling, plant management, production management, work preparation, quality assurance or technology, need up-to-date information that can be called up at any time to optimise their work processes. With PROefficient you achieve the highest transparency in the production process through real-time data. Work areas are optimised, machine utilisation improved, job- or article-related deviations become visible, workforce optimisation is optimised, quality is increased and vulnerabilities are minimised.

What is an MES system?
MES-System PROefficient - Cardbild


Self-developed industrial terminals guarantee an optimum of high data quality through automated data acquisitions.  In addition, information such as order registration, downtimes or quality-relevant data can be easily collected. You will receive the right hardware for every production area and every requirement.

MES-System PROefficient - Cardbild

MES-modules - Ready-made solutions for additional requirements

Numerous expansion modules complete the portfolio. These can be easily and quickly integrated at the customer's request. They cover the areas of planning, ANDON board monitoring, energy, paperless manufacturing, preventive maintenance, OEE/KPI, barcode/RFID, PLC, etc.

Extensions and flexible adjustments according to customer requirements. Depending on your requirements, we will work with you to develop solutions for the digitization of your production.

Modular Extensions
MES-System PROefficient - Cardbild

MES-System PROefficient


PROvis ANDON Board Monitoring / shop floor

  • PROvis Display Nr.1

    Visualise machine data live

    Keep your production employees up-to-date by visualising states, evaluations and production metrics.

  • PROvis Display Nr.2

    Interactively visualise shopfloor

    The operation in the shop floor is possible by interactive navigation. Information can be accessed individually in all areas of the company.

  • PROvis Bild Nr.3
    PROvis Display Nr.3

    Employee information system

    Visualise news, general information, documents, image contents, videos, or machine lists. In this way, your employees are informed and motivated in a timely manner.

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achievable successes with MES


Enhancement of productivity
Increase OEE


More accurate data for
Calculation and Controlling


Less effort to search for
Liable employees


Time saving due to
Eliminating handwritten notes


Paper savings, also through automated
Batch acquisition, traceability


More employee motivation
through transparent information

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2019 - 50 innovative and motivated employees work for BDE Engineering

2019 – Module PROcockpit

 PROcockpit Dashboard visualisation

2018 - 25 years of collecting production data

For over 25 years, we have been supplying our customers and partners with software and hardware to advance their world of production. Initially they were simple acquisition devices - which are still available today from BDE Engineering - today these are state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that are consistently adapted to production conditions. In line with Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, numerous modular expansions complete the portfolio.

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Our customers - Locally and Worldwide

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies, as well as large and globally active corporations from numerous branches of the manufacturing industry. Learn more about our customers and successes.



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