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Many manufacturing companies have vast amounts of data and need software solutions to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing operations. BDE Engineering supports the requirements of digitalisation  and Industry 4.0. A manufacturing execution system (MES system) is of central importance here. It enables companies to be future-oriented across the entire production process. For over 25 years, we have been developing solutions for production data acquisition and production visualisation, making us one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0. Worldwide system installations in all sectors of the manufacturing industry underline our future-oriented approach.

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 With the help of teamwork, innovation skill, good governance and a strict aim in front of our eyes, we develope systems, which our customers trust.

BDE Engineering
- Milestones -

2019 - 50 innovative and motivated employees work for BDE Engineering

2019 – Module PROcockpit

 PROcockpit Dashboard visualisation

2018 - 25 years of collecting production data

For over 25 years, we have been supplying our customers and partners with software and hardware to advance their world of production. Initially they were simple acquisition devices - which are still available today from BDE Engineering - today these are state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that are consistently adapted to production conditions. In line with Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, numerous modular expansions complete the portfolio.

2018 - Continuous growth in Beverungen

The existing location in the Industriestraße was expanded in the first quarter of 2018 with more than 2000 square meters of built-up space. Although the renovation and refurbishment work is still in full swing, it has now become urgently necessary, due to lack of space, to move into the expansion in May.

 2018 – Module PROmobile

 PROmobile mobile devices

2017 - New development of web-based MES system PROefficient 6

 2017 - Acquisition of the ADC/MDC activities of the KIENZLE Automotive concern

 2017 – Module PROquality

PROquality quality management

2016 – Module PROnotify

PROnotify status messages

2015 – Module PROhelp

 PROhelp intelligient support

2014 - Build up of sales dept. in Russia

2013 – Module PROenergy

 PROenergy energy managment

 2012 – Module PROsps

 PROsps offers machine control

 2012 – MES-System PROefficient 2012

 2011 – Module PROprint


2011 – New premises in Beverungen

Moved into the new company building in the Industriestraße in Beverungen. With approx. 500 m² of office and storage space and with state-of-the-art technology  optimal prerequisites are now in place to guarantee a future together.

 2011 – Module PROplan

 Module PROplan

2010 - Production of own industrial hardware with PROtouch 12.1'

2010 - Production of own industrial hardware with PROtouch 15'

 2010 – Module PROpicture

 PROpicture paperless production

2009 - Production of own industrial hardware with PROtouch 3.5'

2009 - MES-System PROefficient 2009

2007 - Co-owner Karl Bruchbacher retires

After 14 years at BDE Engineering, co-owner Karl Bruchbacher is retiring. Owner Achim Winter continues the company on his own

2007 - newly developed visualisation software PROvis - ANDON BOARD monitoring

Up to now, cost-intensive large-text displays have been used for better information visualisation. In order not to loose track of current machine states the newly developed visualisation tool PROvis serves to pass an numerous types of information to the shopfloor.

2006 - opening of a further location in Beverungen

 2005 – New MES – System PROefficient 2005

2003 - Start of development and production of own industrial hardware with PROtouch 5.7'

1997 - the first location in Höxter county opened

1994 - Establishment of first partner network

1993 – Foundation of BDE Engineering GmbH in Bad Vilbel

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