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PROinfo - Online information terminal

This terminal was especially developed with the employees in the production in mind. It visualises the captured data from machines or manual labour workplaces.

Employees can inform themselves about the actual status of machines, utilisation degrees, cycles, stoppages or other relevant production data. The touch screen display is ideal for the use in factory environments as there is no requirement for an attached keyboard.

PROinfo is connected to our online information system PROefficient (MDC/ADC) via an Ethernet adaptor.

The PROinfo Terminal is housed in an anodised aluminium housing and is very stable.


  • Anodised aluminium housing, completely closed (except I/O ports), no fan, no louvers, passively cooled
  • 15" TFT touch screen
  • 385 mm x 295 mm x 70 mm (w x h x b)
  • 10 bis 35 °C (optional bis 55°C), 10 bis 95% rel. humidity
  • Weight: approx. 5,5 Kg
  • internal power supply, 65 Watt
  • Program for the display of actual machine or works data can also be extended / changed depending on customer requirements.
  • VIA C3/EDEN EBGA, 900 bis 1200 MHz, 40 GB fixed disc, 512 MB RAM
  • Ethernet interface, connection cable
  • Optional WLAN connection

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