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Kienzle machine - terminals 24xx

Kienzle machine terminals 2450 and 2480 were developed by Kienzle and are still in use at many companies. They replaced the then customary hand written records in the production.

Through these devices the change came for the automatic collection of production data. Subsequently, further models, such as the 2430 machine recorder or the multi machine terminals  2434 and 2484 were developed.

Kienzle terminals are enjoying great popularity even today, because they can either operate autonomously, i.e. without the use of software or together with our MES - PROefficient software. Based on direct printed production tickets, the user can see at a glance the operational list of events on the machine

Kienzle machine terminals are robust and very reliable. For this reason the BDE ENGINEERING also relies on these terminal variants.

The BDE ENGINEERING maintains and repairs these terminal versions in-house, on very favourable terms. Also the necessary accessories, such as production tickets can be ordered from the BDE ENGINEERING.


MES-эксперты! BDE Engineering GmbH  - 37688 Beverungen, Германия - телефон: +49 (0) 5273 / 36770-0