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Maximum Savings Potential

Hidden in production processes are the highest savings potential which a company can internally realise. Even more important is that those responsible within the company know all the relevant information and facts behind the quantities produced. This includes individual treatment of all data from various sub-processes of production through an MES system (Manufacturing Execution System). This is the only way to identify and implement potential improvements and the only way that the internal values can be optimised.


MES – Software

The performance of MES software can only be seen in the individual application and in the practice of reliable data acquisition. Here MES software must show what it can do and that it can be rapidly deployed into existing IT environments. The MES software solutions of BDE ENGINEERING pursue one aim; to increase the efficiency of your production. So for example cycle times and machine availability can be increased. At the same time you can reduce throughput and downtimes, wastage and interruptions in the production processes, as said increased efficiency in the production! Our software solutions allow the reliable automatic capture of works and machine data. Error-prone and time-consuming manual recording and the associated labour-intensive IT acquisition is no longer necessary. With powerful MES software you can realise the maximum of capacity utilisation with the minimum of manpower.


MES – Hardware

We rely on several powerful acquisition and visualization tools to ensure that our intelligent software solutions always collect the right data and that this is clearly displayed. The following is an abstract of our available hardware components, some of which derive from our own production whilst others are from trusted manufacturers with whom we have worked for many years.


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