10 tips for a successful MES introduction

To ensure that the implementation is not "ineffective" due to poor planning and coordination, you will receive a summary in our new 'The 10-Series' on only 2 pages to keep the complexity and your budget manageable. Mistakes can cause unnecessary costs and lead you out of your target. If you consider the following 10 steps, you have already laid the foundation for the successful implementation of an MES system. 

1. The managing directors support the decision to your MES-Implementation.
2. Analyze your status quo.
3. Set yourself realistic goals.
4. Create requirement documents.
5. Project organization, naming a project manager.
6. In time information for employees and works council/completion of an operations association.
7. No hurried actions!
8. Presuppose Interfaces.
9. Create a comprehendible operation manual.
10. Plan training for your users and create acceptance.


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The 10 - tips for successful MES-introduction

10 tips for a successful MES introduction


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